Writer’s Decision Helping Thread ✍️

Hey guys!
Are you someone indecisive? Don’t know if you should write your story in CLASSIC, INK, or LL? Can’t decide to write a story genre in drama or comedy? Having trouble what story plot to go with?

Well you’re in luck because this thread is built to help authors receive other people’s opinions so that it’ll help them decide on a choice/idea they are stuck on for their story. Just fill the form below and people will see what you need help with :innocent:

Anyone is open to comment and share their opinions!

Decision Help!
Choice 1:
Choice 2:
(If there are more choices just add the next number!)

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind this is a place for people to be supportive and share their opinions! This is not a place to fight or convince people to agree with you !!
Also please don’t be negative and rude to others by commenting things like “Neither, your ideas suck.”

At the end of the day the authors still makes the decision on what they want for their story :heart:

If you would like to be an official helper meaning you would like to give your opinion to anyone & everyone who needs help please let me know so that I can tag you in this thread and on decision help comments!

If you do not want to share info about your story to the public then feel free to PM me or an official helper

Official Helpers

None for now :sweat_smile:


This thread is a wonderful idea, thank you :+1: :100:

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No problem! :innocent: I know how hard it can be making a decision for your story :joy:

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