Writer Seeking Art Who Can Make Special Art Scenes

Hey, my name is Ally. I’m currently writing a story which is planned to be released in a week or so. I could really use someone who can make me some cool special art scenes. Please pm me if you can do so!

Oops, wrong category. @Ryan could you move it to the right sub-category?

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If you go to episodelife.com there will be cool backgrounds you can use.
Also if you do use them, I recommend you crediting the person who made the background when you use it in your stories.
If you need any more help, don’t be shy to ask🙂

Not backgrounds, special art scenes of characters…

Oh… do you have an Instagram ? There are episode accounts on there who might be willing to do so.

Yes, I do…

Well I Won’t be on instagram any more for a while , but when I was their a few weeks back , I saw a few accounts that make episode edits and can probably make you one.

Done! Moved to Resources section :v:t2:

Thanks, Ryan. You’re da besssssssssst!

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