WRITER WARNING Asset for persisted outfit is missing falling back to the default one

so my characters outfits kept going back to their default outfits when in character settings i put them in the outfit i wanted them in i didn’t put the outfit coding in the story because i had mutiple characters wearing the same outfit and that was tedious (they are also background characters) so i deleted the default outfits but when i did the story previewer on my phone it keeps giving me a message

It seems to me every character needs default outfit other vice it will conflict with the way the episode program is written… Even in portal every chapter resets to defoult so if you do not have it, it will not know to what to resett.

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also if you put character in outfit setting to what ever outfit it cant change in the story. You will not see him in that outfit there. You have to add the commant to change to that outfit in the script.

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I deleted the default :sob: can I make the outfits again

Omg… are you one of the writers from Secret Of The Necklace.

Yes I am the main author.:grinning:


I hope you can, just go to outfit creator and try to create it… I never deleted it so never tried to make them new… so Im not sure.

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I’m awestruck…it’s an honor to meet, I mean chat with you. Please keep up the good work, and tell Sonny I said greetings,lol.

LOL thank you. But I am nobody special really. Just one of many small authors here🤣 But Im glad you like my story!
And regarding Sonny. I will tell him!:grin::grin::grin:
BTW he has still not forgiven me that I have shot him.:woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face::rofl:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy: Yeah Sonny is a very special somebody, and please don’t underestimate yourself.

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