Writer warning issue

Hey guys :blush:
I was rotating an overlay and when I previewed it this showed up?

Its the arm on the left here’s the script;

And here’s the overlay I’m having trouble with:

If someone would help me, that would be greatly appreciated
Thx! :grin:

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on the line 3609 and 3622 there’s # before &

There is a very good chance I will be wrong here, but I have had this error code come up when my uploaded overlays are copyrighted and I haven’t been aware.

I’m sure this probably won’t be the case, but its worth knowing.

~ Ella

Has it been approved yet?

It has been approved

That hashtag is to make notes that the reader can’t see

can you show me a screenshot of your script around the area where the character arianna says “what-“

you have to place all the opacity commands after the create commands, that’s why it’s giving you that error.

so lines 3410-3426 have to be moved after lines 3603

It’s still not working for me

can i see what you did to your script?

Can I show it to you in like several hours cuz it’s getting kinda late in here

sure, no problem!

I am not sure, it was a while ago. I’m pretty sure that it had been approved, I just couldn’t use it.

Hi here it is:

from the screenshot you sent me i can’t really tell if you’ve moved the opacity commands under all of the overlay commands.

the opacity, shift, and scale commands all have to added AFTER the create command.

your script should look like this:

&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to …
&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to …
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1

so it doesn’t matter where you put the rest of the overlay commands, as long as it comes after the create command. the warning your getting says “create overlay in stage view first” which means you’ve tried to use another command before you added the create command.

i would suggest going through and editing your script to make sure all the overlay commands come behind the create command. once you’ve done that, you won’t be receiving the warning anymore.

Thx so much for helping but I realised that this isn’t working and I think I should erase that part of the script and start all over again cuz I got lost. Thx for helping tho really appreciate it :blush:

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