Writer Warning (Overlay)


What does it mean? My overlay doesn’t want to work :no_mouth:

Script :


I think you meant to put the code for the overlay first, if you don’t want it to be visible at first them type this:

@overlay BALLOONS opacity 0 in 0
@overlay BALLOONS shifts to 200 200 in 999 in zone 1


When you want it to be visible, type:

@overlay BALLOONS opacity 1 in (TIME)

let me know if this works


I’ll try it! Thanks!


no problem!


Doesn’t work :confused:


you need to place the overlay right after the background name.


oh still…hmmm


&overlay shifts to— in zone #
&overlay scales to-


I’ll try that!


oh Whoops I wasn’t specific enough


or use the create command
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to— in zone #
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to—
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0


I think it means the overlay in question isn’t on screen at the zoomed area(?)
You’ll need to move it so it shows on screen.



does it mean I have to change the size ? (make it smaller?)


I’ll try that!


well by the looks of your script you only shifted it and didn’t scale it, I recommend you using the guide I provided above :slight_smile:


You haven’t stated a size so the overlay will be the size it was when you uploaded it/it’s default size (1.0), but you need to drag it so that it is on screen at the area where you have zoomed in.


I read the guide but it still doesn’t work :frowning:


Ahhhh I see!!!


You can try this thread HERE


When does that error message pop up? Does it pop up right after the “surprise” dialogue? Or does it pop up somewhere else in your script. Can we see more of your script please?