Writers block for a title

I’m writing a story it’s meant to be like a kinda Adventure-Comedy-Romance-Fantasy-Drama and I can’t figure out a name - she’s trying to solve her father’s murder if that helps.

Any ideas?

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Puzzle Pieces

I honestly have no idea.

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or maybe combine the two and say something like
solving the puzzle
but that may be taken


Do you have a description yet? That can help spark up more ideas


Here are some idea’s of mine :


Decode, Decrypt, Decipher work well if there’s puzzle like clues!
My Ideas:

  • My Dearest Daughter-if he left a clue himself, preferably a letter
  • Father Time- If the murder isn’t solved, another dad dies. Clues could be associated with the actual Father Time
  • Hello and Goodbye- Your dad picks up the phone and says hello, but then the line goes dead. He’s murdered after that. And goodbye could be you letting go after the murder is solved.
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Deadly Daddy Issues

Daddy Dilemma

Forlorn Father

Relative Unraveling

My Fathers Still Speaks

Paternal Past

The Secrets Of My Father

Ooh Father Time actually sounds really cool, thats so good, thanks

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My father still speaks sounds epic thanks

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You are Very Welcome :slight_smile:

She teams up with archaeologists that her dad worked with because he was killed by a rival archaeologist group (they were fighting to find the sacred stone first)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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