Writers block, help!

So yeah we all hate writers block.

I need to bounce ideas for a while.

So basically there’s two couples and they need a storyline. One have a baby. The other are two university students.
Both couples are married.



GIRL MC is a collage student hoping to get a better life for her and her child. MALE MC is married and meets GIRL MC.

That’s all I have lmao

Forgot to mention, couple with a baby have jobs and are grown ups.

Other couple are uni students

Other than that! Love the ideas

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How about this :thinking:
the couple with a baby: One of the partners is unhappy but feels obligated to stay with the other because of the baby
Uni couple: Are in a no strings attached sexual relationship and are helping each other out in finding a long term partner

oh wait both couples are married whoops :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Happily married! Need a storyline for them though :joy:

This is hard, since most stories end with happy marriage and children… so when you begin with it, it’s hard. I’ll try the second one.

. … I have ever nothing sorry

That’s ok I’ll figure it out :joy:

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Both couples happily married really want to have a baby but due to maternity issues she can’t have one what will they do? They can adopt but they don’t want to adopt so they ask the mother’s sister to convince the baby idk if this made any sense :joy::joy:

They can turn into unhappy couples she cheated on him
University students struggle making out here in the real world and their parents can’t afford to pay for their tuition anymore will they keep attending school? How they be able to afford going to school and getting a job?

Not bad. Was thinking one of them suffers from mental health issues and pushes everyone away…

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That’s a good one my story similar to that except their in high school

Or it can be a group of university students struggle from mental health trying to overcome in school and learning how to help themselves


I think I got it

Thanks for your help

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Your welcome let me know if you need anything else

Will do x

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