Writers Block, how to overcome it?

Dear viewers, I have been very badly hit with writer’s block, I have a ton of stuff to do, I am behind on my studies, meaning my grades aren’t what they should be, also I am Asian, so if I don’t get 100% then :rage: my social life has gone, I literally have no time to socialise, with my work I haven’t got the time to, so I’ve taken the brave decision to take a step back from my story, the story which I have been getting so bored of lately. It is a mafia story with 30k views, and I just lost the passion for it, so any tips on how to build the passion and determination back?

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Hmm, well think of the reason you started writing it in the first place. Why did you want to write it?? What was the main purpose that brought you to what you have now in the story?? Is that reason still shining or is it dulling?? If it is dulling, find the reason why you write and take that answer into your writing.

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well if you take my advise you can make a balance between these to aspects of your studies and your story by giving them your equal time rather than thinking on how to take a step back from your story as you have achieved a good number of viewers, then why to disappoint them…that’s my advice to you…

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The reason is still shining thank you :slight_smile:

Yes it is what I’m trying to do, but it’s the holidays and I’m supposed to be relaxing and doing what I love, so basically writing on Episode, but I want to go back to school with my grades as high as they were.

Hey Shani, I’m an Asian too so I can partly feel your pressure. I had hit writers block a lot back then, even losing motivation. My advice for you is at this point, your priority should be your grade. Since you are on holidays, you can easily balance between your studies and your writing. Spend a little more time for your study and a little less for your writing. The writing may become slowly, but just in this time. And try to keep yourself motivated, bcuz you’ve reach this point why should you give it up gurl? Hope you will overcome this soon :sunflower:

Thank you so much, and I really hope I do overcome it soon :slight_smile:

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Well, I hope you find the motivation!!!

@Shani_Theo I too am a student. I’m a senior in college and am studying Creative Writng specifically, but I also have to take the criticism classes and write theoretic essays, and I too like to write my stories on Episode. I made the Dean’s List last semester and I want to maintain my good grades just as you, but that is because I put the priorities for my education first. But at the same time, being successful in my studies inspire me to write for episode as well. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t put so much pressure on yourself. Focus on what you think is the best option, because if you’re satisfied with one thing then it would eventually inspire your motivation for the other. I hope that helped.

Good Luck with your studies, and your stories! :wink:

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When I get writer’s block (and I get it A LOT!!), I usually watch a movie within the same genre from my story and I get inspiration from it. Also, I like to take a brain break from all things connected with episode for an hour or two and listen to music or to just relax. Then, when I get back to the writer’s portal, my brain is refreshed and new ideas pop into my mind!!

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