Writer's Block I Need Help Please!


What do you do when this happens? I need help please! Any ideas are welcome, appreciated and grateful too!

Writers Block: How do you beat it?

What is your story about, and at what part of the story are you in? (beginning, middle, end…)
I recommend at the beginning, that you develop your characters. Middle, bring in a huge climax, have your awesome moments, then the not so awesome ones, and the end is where you’re closing up all the drama and settling down.


It’s good to think about everything and write it down before you start it in the actual script editor.

Try hard to think about ideas, characters etc and write down your ideas!

Manage everything to yourself before writing it in your actual story no pressure take how much time you want and need for every person it’s different.


Something that always helps, is to think of ways you can make the protagonist’s plot or life even worse. Whenever I have writer’s block, it’s usually because either I don’t know what happens next, or because I feel like I’m making the plot too rushed. To prevent these situations, I like making the Protagonist’s life worse, and ideas then naturally come to me. I hope I helped! :grin:


I saw this video. A writers block is where you don’t want to write badly and it said to allow yourself to write bad. It worked since, I got a review that kind of put me down, I started writing badly and boom i was out of writers block.


Thanks I will try that then! :grin:


I am on episode two the middle writing songs for me story! :+1:
My story is about how Maxine wants to become a professional singer!
She is writing songs for her demo album to hopefully get a record contract!


Thanks for the suggestion I am going to do that from now on! :fist_right:


Thanks for the suggestion! :raised_hand:


Thanks I am going to try that now! :slight_smile:


Listening to music can be helpful too, but it depends who, for some people it actually bothers and distract them, it helps me!


Sadly, my inspiration comes absolutely randomly, and it’s not always convenient (unless you happen to walk around with a pad and pen in hand). I’d say give yourself time, if your force ideas, chances are the reader will be able to tell the jolt in plot, leave it until an idea comes naturally, writer’s block is very much normal, and not a bad thing.


No problem!


What music do you listen to help you?


Pretty much some random songs that change all the time, I just find a song in Youtube I like, make it a playlist, play it in a loop for a few hours and then I find a new one and do the same like that shrug


Thanks! What stories have you created? I would love to check them out!


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