Writers block ideas

How do you guys push through it?


Music. It was my inspiration for the story I’m writing right now

I take out a notebook or some paper and start writing any random idea for a story and continue to do that until I write a “plot” for it.

I have Pinterest and I look at writing prompts I have a whole board and it helps so much.

I think it really depends on why you have writers block and that isn’t always easy to understand. Try to take an honest look at yourself, and ask: why is nothing coming? Am I just burnt out? Am I struggling with trying to fix my plot? Am I just not feeling inspired? Don’t treat yourself harshly if the answer is something that makes you feel disappointed in yourself and your writing. Try different things to see what works. And if you need a break, give yourself permission to take one.

For me a lot of times, it’s that I haven’t really given myself “permission” to do much for the pre-writing stage and I have to let myself sort of dream or do other things. Pinterest boards and music playlists are a great resource when it comes to brainstorming. (I’m sorry for scoffing at you in the past, Pinterest; I get it now.) Give yourself the okay to write things down/experiment with different scenarios without judgement. If you can keep brainstorming and self-editing separate, you’ll be a much happier person.

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This actually really helpful. I’m not suffering from writers block but just in case I’ll have to bookmark this. ;p

Thanks so much. :yellow_heart: Glad you found it useful.

This might sound stalkerish but I checked out your profile and I can’t believe you’ve been using Episode since 2015. (Sorry for going off topic)

You’re good lol. Yeah, I’ve had the account for a while, but I abandoned a lot of unpublished stories because of my own mental health and thus never really had a reason to be active on the forums. I’m trying to work on my confidence and I’d like to publish a thing or two, so I’ve been more active as of late.

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I can relate to that I probably can’t even count the amount of stories that I start and never finish due to just being uninspired or just feeling bad etc.

The blog Wrex Writes has been a really validating resource for me (I get nervous, self-edit, am very perfectionistic, and all of it makes it difficult to write), because of how it treats self-care as being important because it helps you as a person and that improving your creative output is just a happy side benefit.

I’ve mentioned these links on another post, but maybe it’ll be helpful for both you and OP regarding writers block.

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I’ll totally check it out. Tysm.

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