Writer's block is a pain in the a**

I’ve had writers block a while ago and I thought it was gone but nope!!! it’s back and really annoying because I really want to start writing my story.

Reading isn’t helping, i’ve listened to music and watched shows which usually helps me but not anymore. If any of my have had or currently have writers block please send advice, any tips that worked for you. :fearful:


I’m also having writer’s block right now. What I usually do doesn’t help me right now, because I’m pretty much clueless.
So what I used to do is I opened my Notes app (or also called Editor) and start typing whatever comes to my head. Wheather it’s “I really can’t think of anything, I hate this writer’s block!” or something that sounds silly. So any sentence that comes to my mind, I re-write it in a way it would fit the Character’s doing. I don’t know if you get what I mean, but maybe it will help you.
Also, if you kind of put yourself in their position, try to really imagine what YOU would do, and maybe change it a bit so it fits the character’s trait. I really hope it helps, if you have any more questions I’ll try to help. Though my explaining is really complicated, I’d be happy if you can understand what I meant.


Something that helps me is having someone tell me my work is worth it and that they like my story premise.


As @/TheRealZNG said, I usually try to write through it. After an hour or three of mindless typing, you may find an idea that really clicks. Also, as someone who relies on music constantly while writing, sometimes I’ll fall into writer’s block if I’ve been listening to the same genre for too long. If I’ve been listening to a lot of pop, I’ll put on some classical. Too much classical, I’ll turn on some rap. Too much rap, go to metal. Too much metal, go to Indie-soul. So on and so forth until the day I die :)) I know you’ve tried music already, but switching it up may help. With that, try physically moving around. Sitting down to the same scenery can dull our senses. Try taking your writing outside, to a library, to the mall, to the bathroom: anywhere new. Writer’s block sucks, but I hope you break through!


I’ve experienced writer’s block alot. But what helps me is having a break from writing and then planning my story afterwards.
If you have a great story plan you won’t experience writer’s block again :))


A lot of times I have writer’s block when there’s something wrong with the story or plot. Like, I avoid certain scenes because the scenes weren’t good. I figure out what’s wrong and try to think of something new and interesting to include.

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Try just spending the time with writers block doing stuff like making outfits or extra characters so that you don’t have to worry about that later!