Writers block, need help

okay, so i’m making a comedy story called “clown college” but, i don’t know how to start off the middle of the story and start. but, it’s about a girl who is going to college and her parents overreact and invite the whole family, but i don’t know what to do after that. any ideas? thanks!


I can help! Could you explain the summary of the story again please?

so, i don’t have a name for her yet but she gets accepted to a very good college and her family overreacts and invites everyone to their house to celebrate. after that i don’t know what happens, lol.

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Alright ! So maybe she gets accepted to the school and she’s studying something like comedy or being a comedian. And her parents try to persuade her to study something else but she goes off to college and studies being a comedian anyway

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i was thinking that too! but the thing is, her parents are goofy and comedian-like. and i just came up with something, like, when she goes to the college theres an ambassador who wants her to join a club, and theres a comedy club.

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i just based her parents on my parents, lol.

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Oh I like that! Okay so then she got into the school because she’s super smart right? She pretends to be going to the school to study to be a lawyer or something (something serious that isn’t funny) but she’s really learning to be a comedian to surprise her parents

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And throughout the story they (her parents) make jokes about her studies and tell her that they still love her no matter how serious she is while in reality she’s trying to prepare for her first show that’ll be dedicated to her parents

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ooh! thats cool! great idea!

should we discuss more in pms?

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Sure! :blush:

What if decides to major in something too “smart” for her that she could get a huge earning and she insists until weeks into her classes she gets tired of them and starts taking easier classes. Her parents are proud of her for going for something of her level, and she can have a secret admirer or like a geeky friend that’s obviously in love with her, no one says anything about it, and the main character doesn’t understand the hints!

ooh! that can be like in the sequel if i make one!

Oh wow like ''Second Semester" oh and I recommend you to watch the anime School Rumble!


Have you published your story to episode yet?

no. sorry for replying so late!

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also what if she gets bullied at school because her parents shared a post where the captions about how proud they are that their daughter studying to be serious!