Writers block, please help


So, I think I’m suffering from writers block… I want to write but my brain is empty. I just sit and stare on a empty page…

I think I just need some inspiration and that’s why I’m here.

Throw me with ideas or questions about my story or anything to get my brain flowing with ideas again. :smile:

In short, my story is about a guy who has feelings for his best friend’s girlfriend. In the first episode the MC and the best friend’s girlfriend kiss. I’ve just started on episode 2 and I was thinking of having a scene with MC and best friend hanging out…

And if there’s someone else struggling with the same issue, let’s help each other out!


Well in this situation he will most likely feel guilt because he did something wrong to someone he supposedly cares about. You can think about how they both feel (the MC and the girlfriend). The best friend can probably sense something is off with him. Maybe he decides to leave it because he might be under a lot of stress. Are you going to make sure the MC and the girl get what is coming to them in the end?

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Thank you for your reply! :blush:
I managed to write a few lines in this scene about how the MC is unable to listen to his friend because he is thinking about how guilty he is feeling and also how he can’t forget about the kiss… I’m not sure how to go on from there…

Yes. They will not just get away with it.