Writers block problem

I have a big writers block I just can’t bring my self to write my story right now :disappointed_relieved: I only get inspiration when I need to go to school and then there’s no time for me to write. does anyone have some tips that could help me ?


Try listening to some music either with or without vocals. Sometimes I take the theme or story in a song and make it into a short story.


That is exactly what I do and boy does it work

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What s your favourite song?

It helps with the ideas.

What about the song do you like?

Then write a story about how you interpret the lyrics and include your backstory (if you want - no pressure)

oh sorry i misunderstood

I hate that so much, have you tried mind mapping what’s taking place?

what do you mean?

Take a piece of paper with you to school. Having a notebook can be kinda disruptive and a little awkward sometimes but take a piece of paper with you. Write down any ideas you have through the day. Also plan out each and every episode in advance, planning is the most important phase. I made a planner for writers if you’re interested I can PM you. Gl! I’m sure you’ll do great Xx :revolving_hearts:

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I really dont wanna seem like I’m advertising here but I’m 100% serious. Planning is so helpful and makes it so so so much easier to write. I’m happy to send you a planner I made to help newer writers or just writers new to planning write a story. Plus I’m kinda looking for people to test it out sooooo two birds… one stone… etc

Take a break, but do something valuable with your time, like try your hand at baking… or something. :smile:

Well I can’t do that I can write some notes on my laptop though :sweat_smile: ( I’m studing application development for that I need a laptop with me to school)

A mind map is where you plan out the story you put the title of the story in a bubble then have arrows pointing off it that say different ideas about what is happening in the story?

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Well there you go! When you get inspired make a quick note and when you go back to look at it you should switch into the mind frame of inspiration you were in when you wrote it.

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Ignore my comment just realised you are struggling for an idea for a story not what to write in it…

Sorry me again :joy::joy:

I’m going to sound crazy but if you have had a dream and wake up , write it down!
I get some really weird and unique ideas from dreams I have :joy:

I know how I want the story to end I just don’t know any good details or a way to get to that point… I need to develop my main character from a shy boy to someone who is confendent and takes matter to his own hands… I also need to make sure that he encounters a lot of difficult things in life 1 thing is him doubting who he is…

wow I just wrote this part above me and got some idea’s I don’t know a good discription for my story though ( gerne fantasy)

By doubting who he is as in transgender, gay, bi or just not knowing how he fits in this world?

Perhaps he could be the school punching bag or come from an abusive background. He notices someone who he likes at school who is also shy and withdrawn but pethaps not as bad or worse than he is. And together the help eachother become stronger and build a bond (doesn’t have to be romantic)

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Whenever I get writers block I listen to music and start jotting down ideas for another story

Sometimes writing a new story brings ideas for the first one

Other times it just means that you have got too much stories

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