Writers block problem

Well yeah kinda you see he has adoptive parents who like him, but those parents like their own son more and always give him everything while the MC always gets used stuff or is just compleetly ignored by both of the parents. because of this he’s insecure at first and he cries a lot about little ting wich make him an easy target at school. so jes he doesn’t know if he fits in to this world however later on in the story He wil also be doubting his sexuality and because of the way he grew up (parents hate gay people) he feels like a bad person and beats himself up about it

this is something I would like to add what do you think?

That sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:
What if it’s a teacher he becomes close to who helps him out?

What I do is think and imagine all the great/bad things that could happen to my character. How would they handle it and what would be the outcome? Then write that down on paper and rest. It could be fun, kinda like daydreaming but with your own story.

that would be a good idea I do have a teacher in my story who is also an important character. but do you have any tips to write characters like that? I usally find myself only writing from the MC’s perspective but that’s not something I want. I want people to know about the teachers feelings to. I also have the teachers brother who will talk a lot to him and I just can’t write different char perspective. like all my characters agree on the same points!

I struggle with that too :thinking: perhaps try to do a few scenes where you see the boys background (life.) and then a few scenes with the teachers life perhaps he/she is going through something themselves

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I have a really bad case of writer’s block. Are there any tips out there that anyone can share to help me overcome it?

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I usually go on Spotify and lay down while listening to music. I also sometimes watch video edits.

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I usually ask my parents about work, and it bores me so much I end up finding ideas. :wink:

:joy: So it forces you to think out of boredom. That’s actually really smart!!

That doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

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dont touch for a week. and work on something. like another chapter. or jump over the scene and return to it later

force something out even if it sound stupid and change it later

take a shower

get drunk and write something very stupid you change when suber (dont do this if you are under your countries legal drinking age)

make someone els look at it.

re read your story.

go look up videos on youtube .i recomand matthew santoro he makes really good videos where you learn something

also watch this videos


Read a book, watch a movie, observe people.

Sometimes just take a break.

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I watch a movie, usually the one that inspired me to male the story in the first place, or something similar <3


If you need help PM me! :smile:

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Be like hey this sucks so I’m just going to get a song or a quote or a movie clip and bam chiken wham you have a story idea

Hi, can I have your planner, please? :heartpulse: I’m not completely sure if I’m having writer’s block right now, but I’m currently not inspired enough to write, hehe


Ooh- thank you! :heart: