Writer's Block! What do you do?


I thought it would be great to start a feed to give people ideas on what you do when you are stuck and have writer’s block. I have a blog post about ideas on what to do, but I was wondering what your thoughts were! It would be lovely to share your personal tips!

How do you come up with ideas for your story?
Writers Block: How do you beat it?

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Me? When I get stuck, I love to watch a good movie. They’re PACKED with inspiring quotes and themes. Anytime I watch one, I get inspired for a new story idea in some way. :slight_smile:


I love reading other people’s stories and watching anime.

Hopefully this helped (?)


I make myself wait it out, and if I feel like I’ve been waiting too long, I force myself to write. Even if it’s just five lines, it’s a reminder my story exists and that I need to work at it, and then work on doing things like character creation and cover art and all the other little things until I can start to write again.


The best way to avoid writers block is to plan your story from beginning to end. I’m not saying that you should have every single detail planned out, just the basics of what you want to happen in your story. This makes your story more organized and planned out, and will be worth it in the long run.

–Brooke =)


Yeah! I’m currently doing that and ive been writing my episode story very smoothly.


well lol i want to write stories but i have completely zero motivation to do so .


I know where you’re coming from! I haven’t touched my stories in about 4 months now because I just have no motivation!


I like to listen to TWICE Merry and Happy Repackage Album
It gives me inspiration.


I know my boyfriend really loved the personality test thing. He was doing personality tests for all the characters in his book. Very interesting!


I was going through writer’s block for ages. Honestly I just waited it out and let the story come to me instead of me going to the story. And some days when I couldn’t sleep I just tried to figure out what would be the next step of the story. Obviously this isn’t practical but 100% worked for me


I’m currently still going through writer’s block for my story and it’s been about 6 months since I updated. I am seriously hoping I get the inspiration soon. I hate the thought that people are losing faith in me!


It’s definitely hard… Especially because readers will begin to loose interest. Maybe try re-reading your story or reading other stories or watching series, because I know these techniques definitely helped me when I was going through writer’s block.
But tbh you have to find out what helps YOU combat writer’s block. What works for me may not work for you. You have to figure out what works for you


What I do:

  • Eat
  • Watch Netflix
  • Go on the forums
  • Take a water break
  • Watch some episodes of a k-drama
  • Listen to music
  • Read news articles
  • Look at memes
  • Research random stuff
  • Sleep
  • Take a shower, especially if I’m pissed off
  • Exercise, maybe


I recently bought some story cubes and started carrying a notebook around with me! The notebook is for looking at a random stranger on the street and creating a character based around their look, attire and demeanour. It’s a great little exercise that helps you to branch out and find new types of characters!


Rory’s Story Cubes have been a lifesaver. That, and the new website I’ve found! Link to the topic I created about it here!


I love watching old iconic movies, and eating (of course), it usually helps me. I’m currently having writer’s block and it’s soooooo hard. <3


I’ve found so many new ways to help writers’ block that I’ll be writing about soon!