Writer's Block?


It’s just over a month until the H&V contest closes. Meaning it’s just less than a month until the date I wanted to publish my story.
I’m almost finished with chapter 1 and started chapter 2. I’m really proud of it!
But as if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post, I HAVE WRITER’S BLOCK!!!

What do you guys do when you have writer’s block? How long do you generally take to come out of it? I’ve had it before and it’s only really with this story, but I don’t want to do something else and procrastinate so much I miss the deadline… :flushed:

Writers Block: How do you beat it?

If it’s for the heroes and villains contest, I suggest watching marvel and dc/other superhero related movies/animated movies to get inspiration.

Heroes I suggest: Batman, (not really Superman but he is a good example of character that I love) Flash, TMNT (love all the turtles, so different but work so well together), Spiderman and Deadpool (bromance anyone?).

Villains I suggest: Joker (obviously), Loki (he’s so gosh dang relatable), Shredder, and if you know anime, in One Piece all the villains in there make you hate them, so if you want a villain that needs to be hated, I suggest taking notes from the villains in there. Venom is also a good one.

Hope this somewhat helped you out!


Usually I go to a cafe with a notepad, and a pen without my phone and start to scribble plot notes about my story. Maybe write out just the dialogue starting from wherever my story left off.

I find the change of environment, unplugging from technology, and putting myself in a situation where there’s nothing to do other than write (and drink sakura Frappuccinos, but that’s neither here nor there…) can help me get unstuck.


As counterintuitive as it seems, I like to combat writer’s block by focusing on myself and my own life. While my stories are all far from being like my life in terms of setting and plot, I often find that I construct characters and motifs based on my friends, myself, my work, my aspirations, and so on. Reflecting on my own life reminds me of human thoughts, feelings, and actions that all characters in my story experience/have experienced in some capacity.
This isn’t a writer’s block panacea - to say the least - but it can help you come up with organic ideas about characters and problems that feel real, because, well, they are.


I usually remove myself from my story completely. Focusing too much on it stops my brain from working, so I find something else to do to air my mind out. I had a block, too, a week ago. I spent the day in the park with a friend. Next day I was able to write easily.


When that happens to me, i just let go of the story for as many days as needed and do other stuff like watch series, draw,game or cook. Just forget about the story for a little bit, theres enough time,dont worry about it, you’ll be fine🤗


Do you outline the story and chapters? That’s how I got out of dealing with Writer’s Block.


A lot of people takes inspiration from music. Try it.

Personally, I have the best ideas to spice up my plot when I’m at work, so I have a little notepad when I write down all my ideas.
Sometimes I need a little break from writing, so I’m helping other people or reading books and other episode stories to find inspiration.


lol the only problem is that once you listen to a happy song while trying to write a sad one, it doesn’t work out that well. Although I did once listen to “It’s always a good time!” while writing a death scene and it turned out pretty good, so maybe it works?



I got u gurl


Writing Prompts.

I’ll just go to my pinterest board for writing, pick a random prompt and just write. The words flow out of me quicker than I expect them to and it just fuels my desire to write.


Hmm… The last time I faced writer’s block, I straight up ignored that story for months and went about my day. I would also view movies (or cartoons) under the genre that my story falls under. Once I’m hit with a ‘hey, this idea can work with a few tweaks’ kind of thinking, I’ll go back to writing before I forget that idea. If all else fails… well, back to ignoring that story it’ll go.


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