Writer's block!

I’m having severe writer’s block and can’t seem to proceed with story ideas. Please help? Any ideas?

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Act as if it’s a bag of cupcakes, you have so many cupcakes that you like, you want them all nope, pick the one on the top, because that’s gonna be your main idea, what do you like the most,pick a story that you wrote and tell me the details

@AMagic To the idea of cupcakes: brilliant!

There’s a story that I’m already working on called Silver Lining. The main character is the player, but they’re playing as a girl who’s quirky, virtuous, shy at first, has grit, and is phlegmatic. And there’s a guy who’s loved her since they were younger, and she’s been so caught up in life that she just didn’t really pay any attention to it until they share a kiss, and then her feelings awaken.

There’s a girl that she used to be friends with that I want to stir up some trouble for her, which the audience has been exposed to already.

There are two more love interest, one who is a member of the lgbtq. The audience still has yet to meet them.

So he finally confesses to her, and she lets him take her out on a date and they’re reminiscing on a specific day where he was there for her for emotional support and he realizes that he had those feelings and that’s when their friendship had a different meaning for him.

And that’s where I’ve been stuck at for the last week and a half.

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Through out the day write down experiences you have and put them in a jar or write them down on your phone if you prefer. So every time you don’t know what to do pick one and try to incorporate it. It keeps it real and the source is endless. It could be your personal experience, news on tv or internet, smth a friend told you, a song…
Hope it helps!

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Look at stories and see what they have in comment and don’t do it add the unordinary

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@AMagic and @Mikasbook, you two gave me brilliant tips and I’ll surely use them to my advantage. Thank you so much!


I’ve just read the recap of your story.
It seems to idilic, add something tragic. Did he have family problems? Maybe a friend needs him for some dramatic reason? Or if you want a twist maybe beeing stuck in a shelter on a snow trip? Idk good luck!

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Great suggestions. :wink: I figured that the story felt cliche so far, and I was looking for ways to amp things up. And these twists should definitely do it, and I’ll try to come up with more.

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