Writer's Block :(


It’s been over a year since I wrote my last story on Episode, and while I’ve started and stopped writing three different stories, I can’t seem to finish them and publish them. I always end up losing interest in them and getting sad.
I really, really want to write a short horror/thriller story but I can’t seem to come up with ANY good ideas. I really miss writing on Episode, but it’s like the writing part of my brain has turned off.

I’m sure you all have experienced writers block at some point, so do any of you have advice?


When I have writers block I go and find inspiration it can come from anywhere even just walking around town always take a notebook incase so you can log them down

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Try watching movies, reading more stories you would love
talk to a fellow writer or friend about it and maybe they will help you find inspiration to write again , especially if you just need a push from someone to start and find motivation

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I just got back into episode after 4 years when all they had was the Classic style lol. Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere like @Ealma and @NICOLE94 said. I’m starting a new story and my inspiration came from Aladdin, Cinderella, and other fairytales. I also always end up losing interest but this time I want to finish it till the end. Try thinking with this mindset the next time you write a story and tell yourself “No matter what, I’m finishing this story!” . Sorry if you feel I’m lecturing you :blush::sweat_smile:

For story ideas try :thinking: :


(Most of these are fantasy but some of them can be changed for horror or thriller. Like the one about a mysterious virus killing people etc.)


This is me, but with playing the piano. It makes me really sad. I can’t remember any of the songs I used to know by heart.

To get some more motivation, just try reading some stories in that genre. I might help.

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thank you so much!!!

You’re welcome :blush:

I feel like listening to music helps, but that’s just me. Maybe you could try though.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to get out of writer’s block. .-.

Writing random words down until you can pull ideas from your ‘word maze’

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I’ll try that. Tysm.

Of course!!!

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Chill out, don’t force it, go eat, watch some Netflix, inspiration hits whenever it wants to hit you, it’s like my little brother randomly coming in my room and hitting me with a styrofoam bat :angel:

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Lmao. Thanks! (I can relate to the little siblings part lol)

Happy to help :slight_smile:
And pay attention to your surroundings, cooperating random stuff can help you make an idea lol, or think back on old memories/ funny moments, that might help your brain spark a bit.

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I’m trying to complete my story, but I’m really bored. I’m trying to tell myself the benefits and I really like the idea, but I just can’t seem to carry on.

i cant help. but i fell you

Thats alright :slight_smile: