Writers' Cave 💭


Lol, yeah they’re lacking updates too. But thank you, I’m glad you think so, and good luck with your own stories. <3


No, the thread is amazing and thank you for making it :heart_eyes:. Thank you for your feedback on my description, I’m glad it doesn’t give away the plot but catches attention.


Aweee you’re very welcome! :hugs:
Yeah I feel you, I’ve been pretty guilty lately because I haven’t been able to work on the revamping much, I mean life sometimes doesn’t give you the time :rofl:
I got a few fanmails from very sweet people telling me to please continue the story but I have literally no time at all, I’m a senior in high school and that’s been insanely draining from cramming and whatnot and I also started a YouTube channel recently and I’m animating whenever I have free time.
But I guess, we sorta just have to make the time. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s so sweet awe ;-;
I couldn’t be happier I wouldn’t have talked to all of you lovelies :speak_no_evil:


What happened to the character limit in the story descriptions? Did it decrease? My descriptions got cut off…


Poor thing! But at least you’re still getting some encouragement from fans. I’m lucky in that I have the time, but I just either get distracted in forums or switch too often between my ideas that I can’t finish one off :laughing:


Thanks so much :heart:


Haha yeah, by the end of the day it’s all worth it and hard work pays off. :hugs:


A bit off topic, but yes.


Oh. Because, in that story, there was flirting (where I stopped), but not direct romance.


hehe Galileo is a bit different from my other stories. I wrote Galileo to appeal to the masses so eventually it does have romance. I would have included it in the beginning if I had the line space xD

(and the MC is 12, so I would have not done anything further than kissing)


I got this insta DM and this guy suggested I should try something new. I liked the idea, but I didn’t really have an idea on how to incorporate it without making like 150 new backgrounds.

Now, I’ve been thinking, and I can actually incorporate it - and then there’s that random thought in my head that whispers, “Why do you keep on doing this to yourself”

Does anyone else feel like they keep on adding more and more to their plate ? (like story wise)


Yes. I feel like that a lot lately!


She’s 12?


That happens to me a lot!


Yes :joy: I decided to not pile on so much or else I would never get it donw!


I haven’t been here for a while!

So, I just got started on a new story. It’s a mystery story. I need a few pointers, to fix up the details. Any tips?


Where do you get your backgrounds?


I have a mini-collection of saved author drives. I also have plenty from online.


Really? Where?