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how can i complete a story when writing, i tried finishing my story but it says more episodes coming soon but i want it to say fully released


You can change the completion status when you click on the publish button


really? I didn’t know that


A link list in a google doc - I can share it if you’d like but it might have a few outdated links.


I don’t mind. You can share it.


~ mini bump ~

I’ve recently returned from a ‘hiatus’ and like I don’t think I’ll be able to type at the same pace I was before the hiatus because my step-mom and dad broke up, and she took my tv. (It was hers, but I used it…) Along with the T.V. she took like all the tables in the house. So, now we have chairs with no tables. Lovely. I don’t like the change in environment, but nevertheless I am glad to be writing again.

On the topic of writing again, I am really really looking forward to publishing a story that will show my skills (I know that sounds really snobbish, but all my other stories are 1/2year-year old and I’ve grown so much as a writer that those stories are who I was a year ago.) Buutttt I have to finish a story before I can publish one. UHhhhhh UHHHHH .-.


Bump :kissing_heart: