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So it’s been like a week since I last published an episode of my story.At the moment i’m at the mid of the 4th episode but i’m thinking of publishing the last episode that is the fifth one along with the fourth one.I’m not quite sure on my decision so I need some opinions on it.Does publishing after long breaks in between affect the story’s rank?Should I publish both the episodes or just the fourth one as soon as it is done?


I mean it does in some way, depends on the story honestly, sometimes it builds up a hype.
I think you should publish the 4 episodes, wait for a while and then publish the 5th. Again, hype. :hugs:


could I possibly ask for a quick coding help? :cherry_blossom:




thx well I have this error for this one specific line (the error says it’s unexpected garbage )

elif (SECURE is “(not as long) Most of them”) {

I’m not entirely sure whats wrong with it, and it says it’s only this line.


I haven’t really seen anything like this before…
Could you send me the line so I could check it out?


so you want me to send the entire script for that statement or the error says exactly?


also i find it really strange cause i have the EXACT same line somewhere else and it’s fine there


The line with the error


screenshot okay?



This is so weird why is that an error :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Maybe you can’t use elif with the same line twice??
Try changing up the line, for example write No instead of yes, see if that does anything after you save.




that didn’t work, so i just did some random things and then it worked

I think it was because there was a space between elif and the “(”


Glad to hear that!



there’s another error saying line 188 doesn’t have a matching and it DOES :sob:


Omg :joy:
Send me a screenshot