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Ok, so I know that there are threads going in here, but they are not helping. I’ve tried and tried to log out of one to get into another to take my story from my other email, I even waited weeks so I could log into my other account. And I made sure to uncheck the “keep me logged in”. It’s getting annoying having to try different methods that don’t work. Please, please PLEASE fix this issue! I am not the only who hates this!

Try clearing your browser history and try clearing your cookies?

Yes, multiple times, over and over again and nothing.

I had this same issue and clearing my cookies also didn’t work. The problem was that I was using chrome while logged into the email i didnt want to use which was making chrome automatically log in with that specific email, so I opened up a guest window in chrome and I could log in fine.

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Omg, you’re the GREATEST! Thank you so much :heart: Love your profile pic btw, Jude is super cute! :heart_eyes: