Writers Group: Applications Open

Hello! Me and my friends are looking for people to join our writing group after I joined an awesome group we thought we’d start our own. You’ll be able to share story ideas and everyone will vote on an idea.

This is pretty useful because there’s different roles so if, say, you can’t code, you can write! Or draw! Also, everyone’s friendly and awesome and we don’t judge.

Overall it’s a fun yet hardworking group with ACTIVE members.

Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/wZDXmhx

Available Roles:
-Story Planner
-Social Media
-Character Designer
-Beta Reader

Director = zooms/spot directing/overlays
Coder = Coding in general
Story Planner = Basis of each episode
Writer = Dialogue and depth

Thanks for reading this! :smiley:


Hello there. It’s a good idea to start a writing group. Are you still looking for a writer or story planner?

Hi! Yeah we’re still looking for all the roles. I’ll send you the discord link so you can join

I really would love it if you accpeted me, I filled out your application

Never been apart of a writers group before!
Really hopeful! :hugs:

If you’re still looking for members, I would be happy to help

Yeah we’re still looking for more people in the group! Here’s the link:


@ellamint @WaterVapor @Caticorn @Peppermint Thanks for filling in the form! Here’s the link to the group:


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hi i would like be a charator designer if its still open .

Yeah sure! Here’s the link to the group chat:

This seems fun! I’m currently working on my own story right now but I’m rooting for each of you! Good luck with your group, I hope it becomes a great success!

Im downloading it now thx

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: