Writers, isn't this SO annoying?



Am I the only who works on a chapter for 8 hours straight and fixes EVERY little thing and then I preview my episode and I’ve only progressed like 20 seconds into the story? What else bugs you?


YESSSS! I feel like the story is going to be too long when I make it, but no, not at all, infact it’s way to short to be published. Very annoying.


So accurate lol.
Also, spending hours on one scene (which really only lasts like 5 seconds anyway) only to end up scrapping it :sob:


Yes! That’s torture!


That’s EXACTLY what it’s like! OMG. I spend hours to have my character introduce herself. :weary:


Ikr! And the readers get upset when there isn’t a new episode published every week. Haha I mean, I completely understand where they are coming from. But it wasn’t until I started writing stories myself where I realized how long it takes to write a really good story.


Yeah I feel like my sense of time isn’t present when I’m writing.
I’ll write 4 scenes and notice 3 hours passed. I’m not exaggerating.
I think time just goes by faster when you’re concentrating or working on detailsz


Yeah, I keep go over my story constantly fixing things. Even little things, because I want it to look as well done as possible. Unfortunately there are just some things I can’t fix because I no longer have the patience.


Y’all be talking to the girl who adds new scenes all the freaking time and changes up things in response to feedback.

My readers are soo patient :sob::sob: I release episodes very sporadically :sweat_smile:


Relatable af. Been working 3 days over one scene!!!


Yes, and you’ll think it adds 5 minutes onto the scene because of how long you worked on it when really it’s not close to lengthy at all X__X


Listennnnnn every first chapter/episode, I DOUBLE CHECK everything. Overlays, spelling, etc. I spent maybe 2 or 3 hours on rechecking each episode before i published. I get lazy sometimes and dont check other episode, but i still do check it every now and then before i publish.



yes! I was working on a court scene for almost a week, and then I scrapped it