Writers' Payment/ Gem Support Choices

When a writer includes a gem choice in their story saying, “Support me,” do they need to be signed up for writers’ payments in order to get the “support?” Or do all authors earn something from their gem choices (gems, passes, etc?) Because I’m starting to wonder why community authors include support choices if they don’t get paid… or do they? (I know you have to meet a certain requirement in order to be paid.) I’m just curious, because I would like to earn something from writing a story as a small author.


Any author can add the support me option for gems, and I’m not sure about pay. I think the author may get the gems? The gem # shows up on the menu.

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If you get 100k reads with gem choices within 60 days then you get paid. And gems play a major role in ranking of stories so authors add gems to get their story ranked.


Community authors add gem choices to their stories because they play a big role in the rank. The more a gem choice is selected, it gives stories a pump in the trending section.

To the authors that are part of the payment program (who are community authors still btw), gems also give them a little bonus payment. But I can assure you is mostly because of the rank, not for the money.