Writers payments


I know that Episode told us to wait for the writer’s payments for anyone between 13-17.
It’s been a while and I wanted to know if you guys are still thinking about it?



I believe they said (somewhere) that for legal reasons they can’t do anyone between 13 - 17.

However, if you do earn money will under age, it’s there for you to collect when you turn 18.


How many reader do u have to have to earn money ?


500,000 readers in 60 days
100,000 gem choice reads in 60 days


How to do gem choice?


choice (BOYFRIEND)
}“Nope, Nadda, Buh - Bye”{

(don’t use spaces next to gems, when I typed that it turned invisible)


Can we set in how many gems it will cost?


If so I hate it because reader like me hate choice that cause too much gems
For my idea if I set it I only set to 1-5 gems


theoretically, could we have a legal guardian receive the money & enter the Payment Program while not being of age?


If you have <100k reads on that story, the choices will only be 2 gems or 5 gems (if you have over 10k reads). So although you can’t set the price yourself, they won’t be a lot =)


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