Writer's Pet Peeves

Annoying Things when Writing Episode Stories


1- When you have a completely amazing idea for your story and think it would be easy to make but turns out there isn’t a script format nor tutorial for it yet.
2- Definitely a severe case of writer’s block, whether including the plot, character customization or what to write inside the speech bubbles.
3- Turns out that your spectacular story idea was already expressed in a similar way in another writer’s Episode story.
4- Can’t get the placement right and your characters wound up in weird places, which happened to me thousands of times.
5- Think until your brain almost dies from exhaustion about how to change the things you imagine inside your head to what’s happening inside your story, like character visuals and backgrounds, etc.

Which do you find annoying? Comments


5 I think

My pet peeve is when you have a SPECTACULAR, SHINY, BRAND NEW, NEVER SEEN IDEA, but you can’t write certain scenes, because coding takes too long, and making overlays and art scenes take too much time, and then I end up procrastinating.



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one thing that I find super annoying is having SO many story ideas, but like you can’t write them cause you have other stories to wokr on

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Make characters different heights then having keep it constant through out the whole story


3 and 5 for sure. But my biggest one is when I imagine an perfect scene in my head but I can’t do it exactly how I wanted it :confused:


A. Limitations on animations. There are so many instances where a character’s emotion can’t be properly conveyed by the animation catalogue. I know that the art team can’t create animations for every conceivable human emotion, thus why it’s a pet peeve and not an actual complaint haha.

B. Art is hard. My story contains concepts that don’t exist, so obviously, no overlays exist for it. But I don’t want to just not have overlays. So I make them myself, and they look awful. :joy:

C. There are only so many public domain images. I can’t BELIEVE that people don’t want to take high-quality pictures of wolves in the middle of a fight and post it for free on the internet. How dare these highly skilled photographers risk their safety and expect money for their work? /heavysarcasm

D. For some reason, the clothing catalogue has no blindfolds. I need a blindfold of some sort for my story, and an overlay is a pain and a mess. Really, no blindfold at all? Not even a sleep mask? And yet we have a plain hoodie in 8 different colours? Tsk.

E. While I’m at it, the clothing/prop catalogue has no… gloves, lab goggles, niqabs, canes, wheelchairs, scarves that cover one’s mouth besides maybe the shozoku mask… That’s all that immediately comes to mind. Again, not the art team’s fault, there seems to be no framework for gloves, and they can’t make everything that humans might use or wear.

F. When the part of a background that you need is right in the middle of a zone line so you can’t use it. I’ve started just uploading 1-zone chunks of the same room so the couch isn’t 3/4 of the way into zone 2 so that no one can use the right half.

G. Multiple Donacode limitations that make directing easier for new users, but more difficult for those with complex plans. Single character can’t have both a male and a female version. No “random integer” command. Variables can only be set by direct wording in a choice, not by the author. Limitations on data that the “if” command can access (ie. can’t do “if bodyColor is Copper 01”…. No “and” or “or” command within “if” statements as other programming languages have ie. "if (POINTS = 3) or (insta_win){…. Limitations on the “loop” command (only overlay shift, scale, and opacity commands, no character animations, no pauses…). Most of these can be overcome by more complex code, but some can’t.

H. Multiple clunky things with how character customisation can be used. As mentioned before, the author has no way of planning for a CC’ed character’s traits. Gains, points, and remembered-choices don’t work very well for it. There’s no back-end way for an author to know the CC’ed character’s traits and ethnicity. The only way to know is to ask, and then what does that get you? So many ethnic groups would end up clumped together or passed over, and what about people with mixed heritage…? You’d have to ask multiple questions about their approximate skin tone and their hair type, and it gets to be long… Just a mess.

I. Tattoos and scars are limited to 1 per outfit. Tsk.

J. Tiny timing differences in the writer’s portal and the app. Overlays will move directly into position in the writer’s portal, but have a split-second lag in the app. That delay can make all the difference.

Lmao I’d better quit while I’m ahead. :joy:


All of the damn Portal and app glitches. No seriously, that alone just zaps my movitation to actually write.


:100: Can not stand the clothing section… there are like 90 re-colors of the same item and we can’t even layer clothes properly :woman_facepalming:

I feel you. :joy: Maybe Epi isn’t aware that some people have multiple tattoos or even le gasp both arms with tattoo sleeves!