Writer's Portal: 2/3/21 Menus Update!

Hello Episodians!

When you log in to the Writer’s Portal today, you may find things looking a little different!

While things still work the same, the episodes table has gotten a makeover to include new helpful information, including each episode’s published status, changing Episode Name to Episode #, and reorganizing the columns!

For authors enrolled in the Writer’s Program, we’ve updated your payments view to reflect the changes to bonus gem payments we announced last month. Those are under the “payments” in the Writer’s Portal, and are also live today.

As always, if you have any issues with this update, please let us know in the thread below and reach out to our support team.

— The Episode Team




So the only change is the episode number instead of the title?

I actually do like how organized it looks!


I think so

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Love how it looks!

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yes i love it omg!!!

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Is there still a way to see when it was last published or is that gone completely?


So you add all of these features, but still no delete episode button? Not trying to be negative, I’m just saying.


It’s gone. Now it has status instead.


Ya, I see that. I was hoping there was still a way to see when it was last published.

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When I first saw this I thought they put in built in menu script templates :joy: Well it’s not an android fanmail update fix but that’s OK, it’s nice. Haven’t checked it out yet but will at some point, thanks :yellow_heart:

That was actually pretty helpful, I used the date when I was updating, editing, and done, to determine if I published the updated chapter so I don’t click on publish many times lol, but I guess now I’ll just write it down manually on a word document to remind myself I did publish and not to be paranoid :laughing:

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Cool update. I really hope we got folders for overlays and background next.



But I like the layout for this update, it’s cool!


This is going to be missed if they don’t add it back :see_no_evil:


I just came to the forums looking to see if they updated the writer’s portal
Cuz I opened it and was surprised for a minute lol

The last published date has been moved to the spot underneath your story title. Sorry for the confusion!


Is this instead of a clothing/ hair/ features update for this week?

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Oh yay!!

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