Writer's portal and phone bug help

I have an unpublished story, I can preview chapter 1 on computer without any problems, but i can’t on chapter 2, it’ll stuck on the freaky loading black screen, I even tried to preview it on the filthy app but this message comes up "Error loading episode: We couldn’t load a required file to play this episode.if this persists,visit https://episodesupport.zendesk.com" crap so I can’t play my story on the phone

Can the episode hypocrites ruin an unpulished story like deleting it or disable them?? If not, is there a solution so I could fix this fuckery?

I already submitted a ticket, my wifi is perfect

do you have any coding errors in ch 2?

No errors, its not my first time coding :slight_smile:

i sometimes get that message if there’s an error in my code that’s all. have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? other than that you’ll most likely just have to wait for episode to get back to you

Sorry to reply to your post but I cannot create my own post and cannot upload pictures on forums. Please help

because you’re new you need to basically interact with other posts aka, liking comments and replying in threads so you’ll then become a member

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episode got back to me and list three things and none of them were helpful

Thats annoying

Are you using google chrome? Or a different browser. Other than that I can think of any other solution. You could also try restart your devices, log out and back in etc, if you haven’t already tried that : /
Hopefully it’ll sort itself out

yes im using google and did what you told me to do, but it didn’t work

Ohh! Thanks a lot!!