Writer's portal Bug

I have a problem!
I write my first story and when I do a Dressing Game that does not work.
I mean the Character does not change into the clothes.
What can I do?

Sorry to hear that!

Could you show that part of your script?

Also make sure the outfits you put in your script exist.

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Also, I’m tempted to say send a ticket because you posted this in Writer’s Portal Bug in Report A Bug however it’s most likely coding errors in your script.
In that case, this post would need to be in Directing Helps & Tips located in Creators Corner. You can check out the Forums Tutorial on which category to post in.


Creators Corner
Directing Helps & Tips : Script help, and general donacode tips & tricks!

Report A Bug
Writer’s Portal Bug: The place to report any bugs related to the portal

If you need help with coding errors in your script, then it should in Directing Helps & Tips however if it is a glitch caused by the Writer’s Portal, then you would post it in Writer’s Portal Bug instead.

Hope this helps!

Have a lovely day! :black_heart:

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Well … That’s another problem I’m new here and I’m from Germany!
I’m sorry to ask you but can you maybe tell me how to show a script?
Best regards

You can either take a screenshot and post it here or copy it and post it here (if you don’t feel comfortable having it posted in public you can private message me it and I can help)

Also, welcome to the Forums!

You can check out the Forums Tutorials (I already provided the link above but here it is again):

The Forum General Rules:

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Is it in classic?

If it is then there is some type of bug going around that doesn’t allow you to change clothes (can’t say if they still fixed it yet)

But if it’s Ink or Limelight then there must be some type of bug. I suggest you preview the script you currently have in the Episode app if the clothes you want them to use is showing. If not I suggest you send a support ticket

Hoped this helped! :slight_smile:


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Thank you so much !

So…I tried it again and it worked
I don’t know if Episode did this but thank you to all who replied and tried to help me .
Best regards