Writers Portal Bug

Hi! So I’m a new episode writer and I’m still trying to figure out everything…(Please leave tips and stuff below lol it would be well appreciated) whenever I changed the scene an error came up saying “Unexpected scene change” How do I fix that? Also do you know how it looks like the camera is moving when showing a room? How do you do that? I’m sure it’s more advanced for someone who isn’t new to making stories as someone who’s been doing it longer but I really need help with this. I’ve been writing this story for a week and I’m on on the 20th line. Please help.

There are some pretty great threads on here already that have tips for beginner writers.
For unexpected scene changes, make sure you have something in between each scene, like dialogue, pause for a beat, etc.
Use the @pan command to move the camera to show the room.
I would look up Joseph Evans videos of YT. He does a pretty great job of explaining the basics of coding in episode.

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