Writers portal glitch

Is it just me but the writers portal is glitched out. in my most recent scences when charcters exit the scences they just run like the flash and when i try change the background it just turns black.

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The speed thing usually happens as a result of not coding a time to exit. In example: @COLECATALYST walks to spot 1.280 340 123 in zone 2 in 3 << the “in 3” or “in #” is the number of seconds that it will take them to exit the scene.
*Note: You can not mix basic code (enters from/exits left/right) and spot directing (my example above) in one line of code (example: @COLECATALYST enters from left to spot 1.280 340 123 in zone 2 in 3 will not work. I tend to stick to spot directing - makes it look better generally)

As far as the background goes – could you show your script or which background it is? Because there are a couple glitched backgrounds in the Episode portal that mess with things showing properly and behaving as coded.
*Note: Check that you haven’t used a “cut to” that doesn’t exist for your background - for example: if my background has 2 zones and I type “cut to zone 3 and zoom reset” << the system will create a completely black screen because I’ve gone to a zone that doesn’t exist for my 2-zone background.

The other option is to submit a support ticket (I don’t have the link atm but you can search “support ticket link” and at least one of my old threads that have the link will pop up :slight_smile: Good luck! Tag me if you upload your code or a screenshot/recording so we can see what it’s doing - I’ll try to help more :slight_smile:

i did code the timing which was in 2 for the background it is

I think that is one of the ones that doesn’t work properly - let me open the art catalog to be sure :slight_smile: And I checked - I think that one is one that does weird stuff.

However: EXT. BUILDING DOORS FLOWERS – DAY – Episode Life could be an acceptable replacement? This site has more like this and other backgrounds similar - just the first one I saw. :slight_smile: You could also try saving the image from your Art Catalog to your computer then re-upload it into the portal if you’re set on it.

oh okay thank you <3

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No problem :slight_smile: Freepik.com is another site for good quality cartoon-style backgrounds and it now has a ai creator. You can opt in or out of those results from the filter bar which is nice because if you’re someone who is against AI, you don’t have to guess whether it was or wasn’t created by one. :slight_smile:

about the walking glitch?

Can I see your code for that particular line?

Screenshot 2024-04-28 154346

Check how far your character is off camera - sometimes if you set them too far out, they speed walk because of the time you set for it. You can: A) change your time to give them an extra 1.5-2 seconds to get there ( so try 3.5, 4, and so on to see which speed you like best) or B) If the distance isn’t super far (i.e. character walking from zone 1 to zone 3 in 3 seconds is a vampire run - but zone 1 to zone 3 in 6 seconds will look more natural) - you can try just adding your zone into it.

From the way it sounds A is probably the issue. :slight_smile:

I’ll try it out!

Okay well I am off to do some Adulting :joy: Good luck and I’m sure someone else will come along to help soon if the suggestion I made doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will work

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The background still switches black

Never mind I just had to put @zoom reset