Writers portal laptop issues

Is it just me…but when on the writers portal, my laptop always seem to start heating up. I always get worried because it’s a brand new laptop(Mac pro bought a month ago) and I don’t know how to reduce the amount of cpu used. Is there any tips on how to reduce this issue? I’ve read about using safari or Firefox over chrome but still the same issue:/

I really want to continue to write my story on writers portal but it’s difficult writing web portal on mobile and I want to use limelight characters

Try reducing the light.

I have pretty much reduced the light to all the way down but it still heats up a lot:/ does your laptop heat up?

With older computers (and non-Mac ones) I’ve elevated the laptop on stilts to allow air flow underneath it. Not sure if that would help. :thinking:

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Not all the time.

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Yeah, I have a newer Mac which heats up (the fan goes insane whenever I’m in the portal), and I’ve found having a cooling thing that elevates stops it from doing that too cause it allows air flow underneath!


I have a Macbook Pro too (older than yours but not that old) and it overheats whenever I use the previewer for too long. The rest of the portal is fine though.
I haven’t tried a cooling thing yet but that’s literally the only time my computer overheats. I tend to direct on my iPad instead.

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Thank you! I’ve tried not using the preview option too much(which is something that I used to use a lot of) and my laptop doesn’t instantly heat up like it did before. I’m not so worried anymore :slight_smile:

I’ll try to see if I could get one:)

I got mine on amazon! It helps a lot :slight_smile:

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