Writer's Portal loads but is unresponsive


Okay so I don’t think this is an issue with my browser because I tried this with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox :frowning_woman:

This started happening yesterday (3/13/19) and it’s stressing me out because I can’t write.
Basically, the script page on the writer’s portal is unresponsive and/or buggy. It loads, and I can see the script, but the mouse is frozen and doesn’t change in response to being over dialogue or over a button (you know how the mouse changes its symbol depending on if you’re typing, clicking something, or simply hovering,) and after about five minutes the browser says that the page is unresponsive and that I should reload (and then the cycle continues.)

This is really bothering me because I can’t write and I’m working on a story for the Adventure contest. If someone is experiencing something similar, has a solution, or any tips to work around it, I would really appreciate it. If someone can fix this at Episode, I would really appreciate it.


I think we’re stuck waiting until someone fixes it. For the time being I’ve managed to work around it by loading up a desktop IDE (like Atom) and editing in there. In general when you load up an episode it seems to me I have like 3 seconds to click in the text, Ctrl+A to select all, then Ctrl+C to copy, before it freezes entirely.

Its not a perfect solution, but its something at least for the next 3 hours.


That’s exactly the issue I’m having!
And thanks for the tip. Hopefully it’s fixes soon.


I’m having the exact same issue I can’t even write at all either and its stressing me out…


It’s been happening to me too yesterday. Idk y i keep trying to reload im desperate to continue writing :frowning:


It’s been happening to me too, i thought there was something wrong with my laptop so I restarted it, it still didn’t work, i thought it had a virus or something but at least I now know that it happened to other people too


Yeah, I’ve restarted my computer twice and it’s still happening :confused:


It won’t even let me log in !!!


Mine is already logged in, it just freezes within 3 seconds


its so irritating


Oh my God! I thought it was only me. I literally spent twenty minutes tinkering with my laptop and internet (I thought that was the problem but it wasn’t.) I figured it was the portal, mine was fine this morning, until a few hours ago when it began going unresponsive and freezing after like 3 seconds (can’t edit/ preview or anything) so frustrating.


Count me in with this weird glitch too! Glad I’m not the only one. I just get the spinning wheel of doom on my Mac.


Me too! I’m so behind with the contest due to school work and I sent a ticket and told them that I reset my computer, used different browsers, erased cache and they sent it back and told me to do those things :frowning: I’m so upset


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Do you guys think I should tag an admin? Maybe that way it’ll get fixed. I’ve never had to do something like this so I’m not sure how efficient that is.


Sure! :blush: there’s nothing to lose.


I would



Seems many people are having this issue. Is there anyone I should reach out to?


That’s a great idea! I also submitted a ticket, which you might want to do too. :slight_smile:


I just did. I hope there is a response sooner rather than later!


Glad im not the only one who noticed this problem I am a bit new to the Writer portal and it was scaring and stressing me out too!