Writer's Portal loads but is unresponsive


@emma.el @flowersasthorns @Cami_valen @fangs.epi @a.dwritingpanda @JordanJ @boluawoll @Mazereader please submit help tickets about this issue to the support team! :smiley:


I did I replied back to their email and updated my google chrome and it’s still not working.


Curiously it doesn’t seem to crash on my Android phone’s Chrome browser… But who the hell wants to work on their phone.


It’s so bizarre to me. This has been happening all day and all of yesterday. What I find the most unfortunate is that I’m on spring break and this is literally the only time I have available :confused:
I hope it’s fixed soon…


You’ll probably need to wait for them to fix whatever the issue is. The reason we send tickets in is to gather more data concerning the issue and try to pin-point exactly what went wrong. :wink:


Just tried loading up on Mac, still froze. Hopefully it clears up today.


Alright I will continue waiting, thank you so much Sydney!! I appreciate it! :grin:


You’re welcome! :smiley:


i can’t write either omggg.


Thought I was going crazy thinking it was my laptop. Glad to know it’s not just me. I can’t write anything and it is stressing me out.:tired_face:


Same. I’ve been so excited to rewrite my story but it keeps crashing, and it’s been very stressful :tired_face:


have you tried using chrome ? i had this issue too on safari but someone told me to use chrome instead and it worked.


I write my stories on my Chromebook but it doesn’t work…:sweat: I only use chrome when I’m writing


I had this problem as well, but if you get an option on your computer saying “It’s taking a long time to load because of a long running script” select the “Cancel Script” button and the page will load back to normal (with the script).


I’m gonna see if this work.


@emma.el @Cami_valen @Jasmine_X_Episode @kreyess1 @flowersasthorns @Mazereader @boluawoll @fangs.epi @kiki.k
I tried using Microsoft edge browser and thankfully it works there. It’s weird but as far as it is not crashing, I’m fine with it. I’d suggest you’ll to work on Microsoft edge until the problem is solved on Chrome/Mozilla Firefox. :relaxed:.


This is happening to me too, unfortunately.
Might have to use my mother’s laptop until it’s fixed.


I’m having the exact same problem, only that its been going on since last month​:tired_face::broken_heart:


I have a Mac so idk if it’ll work there tbh


Everyone! The problem is solved. I got it to work on my laptop, hopefully this goes for you all too :sweat_smile::smile: