Writer's Portal Previewing with Unapproved Overlays/ Backgrounds

I see that the preview issue has been common for other writers at the moment, so my grey’d out preview bar only working every now and then isn’t much of a problem.

However, I’ve added a bunch of backgrounds and overlays. I tried to use one of them in my next episode and it’s telling me to “Please correct your script errors to preview your story.” - the only script error is the one that notifies you that your backgrounds hasn’t been approved.

Hoping this can be fixed!



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Your topic will most likely get merged into one of these:

And in case anyone needs this, here’s the link to submit a help ticket: : https://episodesupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

yea this is literally happening to everyone right now, and i haven’t heard anything from anyone

Join the rest of the episodians in outrage

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I’m frustrated that backgrounds and overlays have not been approved for over a week!

I am experiencing the same problem at the moment. Anytime I clicked the preview button, it would turn grey and it would not have the ability to click anymore. Out of anger, I would click the grey preview button again hoping it would let me preview. However, a message would pop up saying that I have errors to correct even though there isn’t any coding errors. Like you said, the only script error I am seeing is the " Background hasn’t been approved".

I ended up sending a long email to the support team explaining everything to them and they responded giving me a list of things to try. Guess what? None of them worked, and I am really really REALLY frustrated to be honest. I hope they get this bug fixed as soon as possible so that I can resume to my stories as normal.


It’s so annoying! I can’t preview my script just because I’m waiting on backgrounds?

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Closing since this I’m rerouting all discussion of this issue back to Episode...WHY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! :smiley: