Writer's Portal Update: Changes Into Body and Timed Choices!

I see what you mean now. It’s probably just where you can change the default choice that happens if a person doesn’t pick one.

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Awesome! I love the examples, it’s so easy to understand them

How do I spot direct the timer?

How can I spot direct the timer icon in the scene?

An example of the coding would look something like:

choice [timed:60:timer to 1.000 275 421]
“Option 1” {
} “Option 2” {

so for the spot directing of the timer would be to add: timer to % x y in the square brackets

As for the pizza in brackets, it acts as “else” does, if the reader doesn’t choose anything in time, then by default it would go by the choice you chose for it to default to. Example:

choice [timed:60:timer to 1.000 275 421:Movies]
Movies” {
} “Museum” {
In this example, if they don’t choose in time then they’re stuck with going to the movies as set by me.

Idk if you already know this too but if you go to the web previewer screen on the writers portal and click on show helpers, then at the bottom, more helpers, there’s one for timer. It appears they aren’t finished with this yet though since doing @timer spot % x y code registers but doesn’t exactly work (at least not on my end), and you can’t yet scale it using the spot director as far as I can tell but you can find the x y for it using that and place it inside the square brackets and it’ll work and you can just sort of make up your own number for the scales since they don’t yet have a thing to scale it, by default it’s 2.000 for the size.
The first set of numbers would be the scales and the next 2 are x y.

2.000 159 114
scales x y

It also doesn’t appear the spot directing timer helper is yet available to do on the app itself but it’s on the portal, so I just assume they’re still working on it or something since some things are missing. :thinking:

I realized this is late lol :clown_face:

@cc_episodewriter This might also help answer your question regarding spot directing timers.

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Well not late yet for me :smiley: Thank you! I’m saving this for later purposes :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart::heart:

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