Writer's Portal Update: Character Name Modifiers

UPDATE: This has now been fixed and is live!

Hello Episodians!

Have you ever wanted to change your characters’ names on the fly in response to the choices your readers are making? We’ve just updated the Writer’s Portal with a new feature that allows you to change how character names are shown to the reader!

The new name modifiers donacode allows you to add prefixes and suffixes, change, and reset a character’s name as it is shown in the nametag — whether that’s on a speech (or thought) bubble, narrator box, dialogue, choice, toaster, or even a text overlay!

Before we get into the syntax, here’s the overall structure of a character name:

(prefix) DISPLAY_NAME (suffix)

Because prefix and suffix are not fields you fill out when creating a character, a character starts out with just the DISPLAY_NAME and then you can add or change any of the above in the middle of your story.

Here’s how you would modify the different parts of a name:

  • Add text to the beginning of the name shown on the nametag (Prefix)
# to add prefix
namePrefix SCRIPTNAME “prefix to add”
  • Add text to the end of of the name shown on the nametag (Suffix)
# to add a suffix
nameSuffix SCRIPTNAME “suffix to add”
  • Replace/change the name shown on the nametag
# to replace the name with something new
nameChange SCRIPTNAME “new name”
  • Reset the name shown on the nametag to the Display Name set in Character Settings
# to reset back to the display name
# (also clears the prefix and suffix!)

If you need to update the prefix and / or suffix, just use the same commands again!

Once you’ve made your changes, you can now also reference any part of the name, and change the casing directly in speech (or thought) bubbles, on choice buttons, or reader messages as follows:

#syntax to use in dialogue, choices, toasters
  • part supports 3 inputs:
    • prefix — displays prefix and name
    • suffix — displays name and suffix
    • long — displays the full name
  • case supports 3 inputs:
    • lowercase — e.g. charlie
    • uppercase — e.g. CHARLIE
    • capitalcase — e.g. Charlie

If you simply want to display the updated name, general replaceables syntax will still work (eg, [CHARLIE])

Here is an example of how this feature works in a story.

namePrefix CHARLIE "Lord"


My title is [@NAMEMOD:CHARLIE:full], but call me [CHARLIE]

nameSuffix CHARLIE "♥", no-space


Now I'm [@NAMEMOD:CHARLIE:full:uppercase] in my nametag

nameChange CHARLIE "Char"


My friends call me [CHARLIE], but my nametag says [@NAMEMOD:CHARLIE:full:uppercase]

nameReset CHARLIE


Back to [CHARLIE]

We hope this new feature opens up more ideas for how you can create more interactive or customized moments for your readers! As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. If you have any issues with this update, please reach out to our support team.

– The Episode Team


This is really cool, but I can’t say I understand how it works :sweat_smile:


same, amazing addition, confused about how it works,


Uh, you lost me when you started spitting out code. I didn’t understand anything!


i am sorry. cool update but i don’t understand its use. if someone does pls explain


what i’m getting is that you can change the case of character inputs and let the reader add words to preset names

This will definitely take some playing around with to get the hang of it, but this is a really cool update!!

I absolutely love the fact that we can now change characters names mid way through an episode. This would be perfect for undercover stories :sunglasses: and we won’t have to create unnecessary characters with dud or blank names. :metal:t2:


oh right!!! yeah cool update


This sounds interesting :thinking:
But it’s not clear on how it works tho😁


Same it was complete gibberish to me.


Pretty cool, that’s still going to confuse me a bit I’m going to try this. This is cool for people going undercover in stories instead of making a whole new character.

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Yeah, this would make it easier

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Yes! I love this update! Ahh I’m so excited!

Thank you Liz

  • Doesn’t work for met yet but probably because it’s still being rolled out D:

Good update but still trying to understand it. lol

I’m confused someone explain in words I can understand

@LIZ when the donacode for name change is input, it says invalid command.
The same goes with the prefix and suffix.

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It sounds like a cool feature, but I need someone to explain it to me like I’m 5 :sweat_smile:


Thanks for letting us know! We’re working on it now.

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why is this me? lol

Me too :joy::joy::joy: I still don’t understand