Writer's Portal Update: Introducing the Help Center!

Hello Episodians!

We have an exciting update for you today: a one-stop location for you to find the answers to all of your questions about the Writer’s Portal!

Located under the “Help” tab, the help center contains everything from our FAQs, a way to contact our support team, a link to our guides, and information about the Writer’s Payment process!

As always, please let us know what you think below, or file a support ticket if you have any issues!

With Love,


now this is cool!


Very helpful, thank you!

@Melani3 are you kidding me is this serious

okay for people who dont know which is evry one because I have not talked about yet, only the Instagram group chat I am in know, I have started making episode tutorials on youtube. only uploaded one yet.

you guys wanna know something weird, see yesterday I had just uploaded my first episode youtube tutorial which included how the forum work, and then they changed the forum, then I was working on my second video about how to start a story, and I had legit just said we may get more body types in the future when I refresh the page and the new body types was there in creat a character

Now I had deleted the first tutorial to do it better, its navigation of the website, and explaining how everything works link for those who wanna see including guidelines and FAQ and now you change it. I just uploaded it this morning.

what is this is it some kind conspiracy that every time I work on episode tutorial episode change it. like what are the odds it happens at the same time


I highly doubt that’s anything more than coincidence.


I dont think is either, but what are the ods, its like so weird they change it at the same time I make tutorial videos on it

I agree, understand why it would be frustrating for ya but suppose that’s just how it goes.

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Love the Layout! It’s lovely and organised :slight_smile:

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I love the layout! Looks very user friendly honestly. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Looks great!

Hey guys, i got a question…
How can you put the PNG letters “slide” on the background?!
I need some help

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It’s harder to find anything now. Frustrating :tired_face: