Writer's Portal Update: Our Guides Are Moving!

Hello Episodians!

As you may have heard in our previous thread, our Writer Portal team is working on finding a new home for our Episode Guides.

We want to make sure authors new and old have a consistent spot where they can not only check out our guides, but get help from our support team and our community, so we’ve planned a small move!

We’re making finding help easier than ever before. The Episode Guides that currently live under the “Guides” tab on the Writer Portal have been posted to the Episode Help Center, along with plenty of other helpful resources about the Writer Portal! This can act as a central resource for all of your burning Writer’s Portal questions.

For now, our guides still live on the portal, but soon, they’ll be removed and instead you’ll be redirected to the Help Center. You’ll see warnings on the Writer’s Portal before this happens, so keep an eye out! You’ll want to update any bookmarks you may have to our guides, as after they’re removed, they’ll no longer work.

We’ve also added a cool new feature to the Creator’s Corner section of the forums: a help button that directly links to our guides and tips! This button lives on the bottom of the page on every Creator’s Corner thread. We want to make sure people who come to the forums for help have a wealth of knowledge they can tap into, so authors can get the answers to their questions ASAP, without having to make a new thread each time.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to leave them below or to drop our support team a line.

With Love,

UPDATE 5/27/20: Tomorrow’s the day! If you haven’t already, be sure to update your bookmarks to the new Episode Help Center!




while doing this are you gonna update the guides. because they have a lot of mistakes regarding how to code. some because it has been updates.

also the if elif only show how to make a choice. not how to use the if part of it


So, in other words, we’ll have no access to them, and we’ll have to contact someon every time we have a question?


The guides aren’t leaving forever! They’re already posted at this link and we’ll have a link to them from the Writer’s Portal as well. Apologies if that wasn’t clear enough!


Thanks for this. @Melani3 I have also seen that Episode has opened their own shop :clap::clap::clap: Congrats!! :smiley:
I hope this means that Episode will also consider to make a portal store with special outfits, props, animations… that we can buy and use in our stories unlimited :heart: I’m dying to spend my money on Episode :sob:


I think that would cause problems though cause it’s free currently.


and i’m dying because i spend money on episode


I’m dying becuase I have NO money.


The emphasis is on special outfits, animations, props… and not those which we regularly get or already have :wink::heart:

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Yes I obviously understand that :roll_eyes: but suddenly going from a free software to having to pay for animations etc when we already get a weekly feature/art release would anger a lot of people.

Merch like hoodies and that I understand but I don’t think your idea would work that well.


I think it would be amazing :scream: I know I’d spend like addicted :laughing::heart:


ok but here’s a better idea: make it free for everyone to use so you don’t have to “spend like addicted”


Not everyone has money to “spend like addicted”.


What you’re describing feels kind of like micro transactions. It would limit some people because they won’t be able to pay for these “special things” that might not even be entirely worth it if it’s in game.

If it was something like a merchandise store, I would understand it costing money. But a virtual store where you have to pay to be able to use content in your stories just sounds kind of not that great in my opinion.


I agree! It doesn’t make sense for authors to be restricted to certain content and have to pay to use it.


Imagine if they restricted something like hairstyles or other facial features through a pay wall. I bet some readers would be like why isn’t your CC updated with the latest stuff to a writer who can’t pay or chooses not to pay. I don’t like the idea of that scenario occurring.

Anyway, I kind of like the update regarding the guides, but I feel like they might need some updating.


While you’re at it, I think you should also fix the glitches in the portal like zoom codes and speechbubble codes that are showing behind the portal page when you’re copying it. Then freezes once it’s all over the place. :grimacing:


Here’s a picture if you don’t get it.


Isn’t it quarantine? I mean most of us have lost our jobs lmao I know I don’t have the money to spend on special animations and clothing I need to eat