Writer's Portal Update: Our Guides Are Moving!


Go buy a mug or something :rofl:


Lol :laughing: I thought about it! But till it comes to my country, it will be broken in million pieces :joy:

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That happened to me before, just refresh the page :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that. This has been happening since December. :slight_smile: What I’m trying to say is that they should fix this as well.

Can episodes make a cc editors for those of use who can make outfits, hair. Something like the sims CC where you create clothing, hair, ect and add it to a special tab. Then some of us wouldn’t need the weekly releases for clothing and stuff. Just throwing it out there.


Nevermind I understand now :woozy_face::joy:

legit this. My portal still keeps doing this and continues to lag horribly I just barely write anymore cause I don’t wanna deal with it lol. i understand about the quarantine thing tho but yeah

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I hope not! I wanna write, not to spend money to be able to write what I want! More than not spending money on creating a story for fun I will not get anything in return… If that happens, that we will have to buy outfits and animations… I’m out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve thought about this a LOT. People in the community love making their own edits and their own clothes! CC is also otherwise free on Episode, so it’s not like it’d be a poor financial situation for them, either.


Thats what I was thinking. On top of that episodes can still give us weekl updates or even monthly updates since we would be able to add our own outfits. They already have the code for the outfits to move with the animation. we would just be adding our own stuff to pre-exsisting clothing avaliable to us in the clothing catalog.

exactly!! idk what people are thinking, hoping that outfits and animations cost money? that just removes a writers freedom /:

Ofc! I haven’t written any stories but I plan on writing one. If I have to pay for it, then bah-bye episode! It’s like writing a book and not be allowed to write half of it!