Writer's Portal Update: Outfit Copier and Default Character Outfit Preview!

Hello Episodians!

We know that creating outfits can be a long process, spending hours to create the perfect look for your edgy main character.

Then you go to create the same look but with a twist, maybe adding some cool accessories your reader can choose or tattoo options. Of course, that comes with the tedious task of creating the same outfit over and over again, searching for the same clothing items. You could be spending that time writing!

To make creating multiple or variants of outfits easier we’ve added an outfit copier tool to the outfits page! It lives directly under the “Save Outfit” button:

Enter the new outfit name in the box and click “Copy Outfit” to create a copy!

Sometimes, you just want to preview that cool party outfit for your MC, and who’s going to show up wearing it in the preview? Your Grandma character!?!?

Oh, Grandma…

Having to update the preview character every time was a hassle, but with this update, once you set a new preview character in the dropdown:

and then save the outfit, it will also save the preview character information.

So even if you navigate away from the page, when you return you’ll see the character the outfit is intended for in the preview:

We hope you enjoy these updates to the Writer’s Portal, and that they save you time creating outfits! As always, if you have feedback, comments or questions you can send in a support ticket or post below.

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This is great!! Will definitely be a time saver!


Great idea!

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This is great thank you!!

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This is so good!


Thank you so much!!

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If only they had this this morning where I made 2 outfits with one item altered and it had around 10 items each :sob:


This is so helpful :sob::heartpulse:




This was much needed!! :heart::heart:

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Oh thank the heavens this is an amazing update thank you Melani you rock @Melani3

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this is great!

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:scream: Wow! What a nice surprise! I saw it and was so confused and thought I was slow on the uptake (I usually am lol) but not this time! This is such an awesome portal update! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :black_heart: It’s gonna come in handy so much! Especially the character saved for the outfit! It’s a small detail that’s just genuinely appreciated!


Omg I’m so happy! Love this!!! :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:

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Is it possible to kiss the ground now? I uber love this!


Yay! Thank you! So useful.


Yes! I remember seeing someone requesting this and I’m so happy it’s finally added! :sparkling_heart:

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Love, love, love this update!

I’m confused as to what this means/how this works :(( can someone explain?