Writer's Portal Update: The Timer Helper

Hello Episodians!

We’ve just updated the Writer’s Portal to include a tool that could be helpful if you’re directing some timed choices: The Timer Helper!

The Timer Helper is located in the Director’s Tools, under the “More Helpers” button. This tool allows you to freely move your timer and copy the stage into your Donacode, along with restarting the timer, to test if the length of time feels correct for your choice.

Here’s a demo video, to show you exactly how it works!

The helper text from the Previewer currently outputs donacode in the same spot placement format as characters, and that you’ll need to change it to work with timed choices.

The helper will display the text as:

@timer spot scale x y

You’ll change it to:

timer to scale x y

This is how you can create custom spot placements for a timed choice:

choice (choice_title) [timed:duration:location:choice]
location → use a specific spot placement: timer to scale x y
example: timer to 0.9 160 307

Let us know if you have any questions about or issue with this new feature by contacting our support team!

With love,
The Episode Team


Yes! Thank you!

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Amazing portal update :star_struck:

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Omg this is awesome, thank you!!!


thats…pretty interesting, changing the placenent of a timer but the scaling part is great. cool update and thanks!


Awesome update :star_struck:

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Ooh that’s great!

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Thank you this will be really helpful!

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Good stuff, cause I was actually posting a chapter in a few hours and the timer was off screen. so Yes!!!


Great update but the timer placement keeps going off screen no matter how hard I put the code in

You might want to get that fixed

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even though i don’t use the timer thanks for the update either way.

Oh Cool!!! Thanks for this update!!! I might actually try to insert times choices now!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cool! Thank you!


Great thank you!

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Has anyone had this work for them? If I use specific spot placement the timer disappears. I can only make it reappear if I use default placements like top, bottom, center, etc.

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No it still doesn’t work, it’s been months


Oh thanks for the tutorial

The timer helper has really helped a lot!!!

Has anyone managed to get the timer positioning to work? It’s really messing with my story :frowning: