Writer's Portal Update: Updated Story Statistics

Hello Episodians!

Our team is continuing their efforts to improve our support of authors and give them more control over their success on Episode, and today we are updating the information authors can see about how their stories perform on the app.

Starting today, on the Writer’s Portal in your story’s script page, under your main story information, you’ll see a new section called “View Story Stats.”

View Story Stats contains three new sections, each holding information about your story. This will replace the pink bar at the top of the portal screen, which was the previous way to see your ranks and reads.

In the first section, we have your story’s Live Rank. The default selection is for the ranking which is closest to what is live in the app. You can switch between viewing your story’s overall rank and your story’s genre rank. As always, remember that there is a slight delay between the ranking you’ll see on the Writer’s Portal and the ranking that is live on Episode. From time to time, our team may test experimental leaderboards to a small percentage of players. To help indicate when this is happening, a new “Test Rank” dropdown will appear to show you the same rank information, but for the leaderboard being tested at the time.

The Reads section contains the number of reads your story has received for the selected time frame. Reads are calculated based on each chapter completed for your story. This is the same method we’ve used to calculate your reads, just displayed in a more convenient format. Your reads can be sorted by either Lifetime reads (the total amount of reads your story has received since it has been published), or This Month (the reads it has received in the current calendar month).

The Gems section allows you to see how many gems your readers have spent on your story. These can also be sorted by either the total number of gems over your story’s lifetime, or the amount of gems your readers have spent in the current calendar month for your story. As we continue to roll out gem choices, we hope that this additional data is a good start towards helping you understand how your gem choices are doing with your readers.

We hope that with these and future updates, Episode authors will be able to use this data to their advantage, changing or updating their stories to better fit their goals.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions. If you have any issues with this update, please reach out to our support team.

– The Episode Team

UPDATE: Due to an issue, you may see a gem balance for stories which contain no gem choices. This will be resolved by late December, and impacted stories may see a minor adjustment on your gem spend to correct for this issue.


Ah, thank you.

why though? It was fine the way it was before, or am I missing something


lol I was just wondering where is info about the story stats gone. :slight_smile:
The gems and the option to switch it to month statistic is a good idea, however, I kinda liked that I see the info right when I open the story more. :blush:


now you can see gem choices - for that specific story which you ware not able to see before and also reads per months are new - so it good improvement - I just wish we would still see it after opening the story and not needing to click on it every time.



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rightt, thank you :))

@Melani3 I have a question. If people were to pay to skip ads would that count as a regular gem choice? I only ask because a story I collab on with a friend says we have gems when we haven’t added in gem choices in our story. So, I guess I’m just curious to why it says that?

I’m not complaining though, lol.

Same. I was thinking my gems must be from skipping ads. Because I didn’t add any gem choices.

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Awesome! Love the changes, and ya same question about gem choices, I don’t have any in my story so I’m guessing it’s from people choosing to skip ads?

I’m very confused by the gem choice section. My stories don’t have gems in them? But one story says people have spent 700 gems!?!?? Am I missing something?

I’m sure it’s the gem choices to skip the ads before reading an episode on your story.

Lol uh my gems went down from earlier today?

They were at 415 earlier and now its at 365

I just filed a claim so let’s see what they say it’s just confusing lol

Can someone explain why two of my stories has gems spent on them when I never put gem options in my stories?? PLEASE??

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I don’t understand, what does the green thing that say LIVE means?

it means your story is currently published

Definitely confusing (’:

Thank you! That’s definitely a great addition! :black_heart:
Perhaps in the future we could get some more stats added, which would help us improve as writers and work more efficiently, but I’m not complaining at all. This is really good!

Can someone explain in short? Im having a headache.

im serious…