Writer's Portal Update: Week of December 7, 2023

@Maxx when can we expect the sitting animations? Will they be released in the next art release? Love this update btw!

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they said 2024

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Whoops! Sorry about that. I’ve updated the link. Please try again and confirm when you get the chance.

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It says url not found

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Yup I got the same as @Kieran

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Sorry folks! I just updated the original post. This is only for commissioned authors. For those authors unable to access, can you please login into your episodeinteractive.com account when trying to access this link?

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There’s still an error lol

It’s showing an error.

Wait where did they say that?

I don’t understand the imitate function BUT that rotate overlay in previewer though???

Math/geometryis not my strong subject so the thought of no longer plugging in numbers or angles and HOPING its perfecy is :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I believe they said that we should see the animations at the end of the year.

Sooo, most likely, it’ll be sometime this month–even if it’s not the monthly update. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


So lets say you have both JOHN and ALISON in your story. If you want JOHN to look like ALISON in the story without actually changing JOHN’s name in your script, you’d use the “imitate” command.

For example:

@JOHN imitates ALISON

What this command does is visually show the readers ALISON’s appearance when they encounter JOHN in the story. So, although readers see ALISON, your script will still refer to the character as JOHN.

for eg if you have multiple characters but want to streamline the script by merging their appearances, the “imitate” command allows one character to visually represent another without changing the character’s name in the script.

Does that make it a bit clearer?


Can someone please give more information on this?


sorry end of year not 2024 in the post about the sitting animation update


Thanks!!! :blush:

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I am not understanding that command either so i need a better explanation of understanding as well.

The imitation command is still very confusing to me

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i guess we are gonna wait for dara to explain the imitating function :sweat_smile:


Will clothing we favorite stay favorited now? Before it was announced nothing stayed favorited when I got in and out of outfit editor.

I still don’t understand how this works or what it’s for.

I don’t understand this part either. Is this something we can do now? Also, what is a donacode?

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Donacode is the name for the coding language used in Episode. So like you have HTML and BBcode languages, you also have Donacode.