Writer's Portal Update: Week of December 7, 2023

I sent a support ticket in and Episode has fixed the bugs with the commands.


Hey everyone! Any chance someone can explain to me the differences between the “imitates” and “becomes” command? What new options does “imitates” unlock?

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@Maxx I love this update and everything in it I kind of wish the inmitate was like this: Alison is dance___ and John imitates Alison, meaning now John is doing the same moves as Alison, which would be so much easier for adding tons of background characters, and then all you have to do is spot them, but I still like the new update! Maybe this could be a future update? copying animations!


@jayduh Expained this in detail, refer to a previous comment here made by them.

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Has anyone figured out how to loop any background? I’m having trouble figuring out how to write it in my code, lol. Someone pls help :,)

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Hi there, Gel, and welcome back to the forums!

There are several ways to loop backgrounds, and I could tell you, but the amazing @Dara.Amarie already has these documented on her website! There you’ll find all kind of Episode guides! I’ll leave a link to the topic in question below:

And, can I please ask you for a favor? Next time, please create a new thread when you have questions, it’s just easier for others to find you that way. Even better, before creating a new topic, search the forum for the same question you have- I’m sure you’ll find the answer. Actually, multiple solved threads already exist when it comes to looping backgrounds, so I recommend doing this from now on! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! I’ve been looking for hours and couldn’t find a thread relating to the update…
You’re a lifesaver!! :slight_smile:

Hello. Looping backgrounds was not the problem I was having!
I knew that there was a new feature to loop the portal backgrounds. I wasn’t sure how to script it :sweat_smile:
I have been looking through threads for hours now and couldn’t find an answer…
I apologize for not creating a new thread. It has been a while since I’ve been on the forums.
Nonetheless, thank you for the welcome back and the information you have provided me with!! :smiling_face:



Is there a proper tutorial showing how this works? Does this carry from scene-to-scene? From episode-to-episode? Is there a command to reverse its effect?


Awesome. So if I had a gain based on how many points the reader has, would this change or would I just need to use >0 or >10 or something like that?