Writer's portal won't load/save scripts


So, anyone else having the same issue? Since last morning, the writer’s portal stopped saving my scripts while I was working on a story and, since then, it goes out and comes back on for only quick seconds before going out again.
I get the following error messages: “EpisodeInteractive.Com isn’t responding” and “Script can’t be saved, error unknown”.
I’ve already tested different devices and browsers and the same thing is happening.


I would say back your script up and if you know your sign in then sign out exit out of everything then try going back in and see if it will work for you then.
I have not had this one but I have had it say other things and not want to save my scripted and this is what I did. I hope it helps and i hope it starts working soon for you! :slight_smile:


I am sorry to hear this is happening. Please submit a ticket to our support team who is more than happy to help. Thanks!


Hi! Thanks for the reply. The website wont even load for me to try these steps and it’s the only one that isn’t working. :sob:


This happened to me two days ago only it was Episode Form’s and not the writer’s portal. I think something is going on with the sites. I just had to give it a day and it started working for me.


I’ll keep on waiting, it’s been two days. :frowning:


:frowning: So sorry, I really hope it is fixed soon!


Me too. And thank you so much for your attention.


Ugh, I’ve been having that problem too…


Since when? Where are you from?:purple_heart:


Since last Friday. I’m from the USA


Oh​:weary: I thought only people out of the US were facing the same issue. :sob:


Don’t worry. I’m sure we Americans are.


Let’s keep waiting together then! :grin::purple_heart: