Writing a Mafia story

Yes I know everyone is tired of Mafia stories ) but I promise mines is different

Some backstory: it’s not a a cliché innocent Mary Sue gets kidnapped by big bad king pin falls
in love story. FMC (Female main character) is Super Star well into her fame and is signed under

M.M.C (Male main character) label who is using his record label as a money-laundering front.
Mmc is Japanese/American from an affluent Japanese mafia (Yakuza) family. Struggling with
the pressure of being the newly appointed head of the family and running several businesses
including a drug empire. Fmc is trapped with an emotionally abusive (No I won’t be taking the
physical abuse route simply because I think it’s overdone and there are more ways to be abuse
than just physical abuse) and hasn’t been seen or active in her not so new fame and coming
back into the limelight unaware of the true inner working of the label, she signed under.
Can you guys give me some feedback on what you want to see in a mafia story as well as what
you don’t and link some of your favorite mafia stories? I’ve been doing a lot of research on
Yakuza culture as well as talking to a few friends on the subjects. This isn’t a full-fledged
romance story and I’m putting it under the drama section.
All opinions are welcomed.
Thanks, Lana A


I’m writing a mafia story as well. If you want we could do a R4R when we both publish.

When are you publishing?

I have no idea honestly. I’m working on the second chapter.

I’ll most likely drop mines in January. What is yours about?

It’s about a girl named Raven who’s mother recently dies so she has to move in with her absentee dad and horrible step mom. While at the new school she meets Liam and his friends who are all associated with the gang. Her and him eventually become best friends and start to date later on but he’s having a hard time telling her about what his family actually does and who he really is, which is the heir to the biggest Italian mafia.


I’ll read it when it’s out. Can I get your Ig?

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Of course. It’s @Ariyana.epi

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