Writing a new story, is this a good story line?


I am writing a new story, is this a good story line?
Summary: Hazel is an ordinary girl. One day she wakes up and she is supermodel Arielle. She thinks that it happened because of either this magic candy her younger sister gave her to eat and she wished to be Arielle as she ate it or either she was actually in a car accident and her brain which was still alive had to be transferred into Arielle’s body as everyone was telling her. Arielle can’t tell anyone or she will be killed. Hazel finds out Arielle used to be an early witch who was just learning. Hazel also has this mystery guy who she was talking to on an app find love. The mystery guy seems to know more than normal and knows that she has a surgery and now is Arielle. Arielle starts to learn witchcraft and modeling. She also joins her old high school in order to become friends with her close friend Travis. Arielle visits a fortune teller and the fortune teller tells her that there is no such thing as “magic candy” and laughs. However, the fortune teller takes into lots of consideration of how Arielle used to be an early witch. They say if you do a spell wrong it takes something from you. Later Hazel wants to meet the mystery guy who ended up being Travis. Travis knew she was his mystery girl all along. Travis says he knew everything because he is also a witch and did a spell to show the truth of what happened to Hazel and who killed her. Travis told her that Arielle performed a spell in order to be the golden angel model in the new years show but she did it wrong and she vanished. Hazel took over her body and Arielle’s soul was gone. Hazel needed to get Arielle back, she wanted her old life back. Hazel and Travis decide to be taken into the spirit world in order to get Arielle back. They tell Arielle’s witch friend Lily and Lily tells them a spell for it. They are in the spirit world and they have to find Arielle before time runs out and they will be separated from their body forever. They look for Arielle and there are a lot of creepy people and it’s like a maze of just dead people. They find Arielle in a mall with lots of clothes just chilling. Arielle sees them and smacks Hazel for taking her body. Hazel gets mad and says it’s all her fault for messing up the spell. They need to make it out before time runs out. They make it out finally and Hazel returns in her body and so does Arielle. Arielle thanks them and Hazel is happy to be herself again. Her and Travis fall in love.

This is basically a short version of what happens. The way I direct and reveal things will add more effect to the plot. Also there are many little things that I will include in the story.


Honestly this sounds amazing .!! :sparkles: I would love to read this when it comes out :sparkles:


WOW this sounds incredible honestly please do this story hands down I will read it :hushed::grin: x