Writing a story about a trans character

like the title suggests, i’m writing a story with a ftm MC. What would you, as a reader, want to see involved?


Lol your story sounds nice

Hi! I actually did a story with a ftm-trans character. A quick disclaimer, I am not well-versed with this, so I was being really cautious, and I add lots of author’s note regarding my character’s transition.

After gaining quite a number of reads for that story, only 2 people did question me about that character. One of them did agree to my character’s representation, and another one advised me to only use a male body, even though the character may be in the early transitioning phase, which I am emphasising in my story. As I am not well-versed with this, I am worried if my character in my story is offending anyone.

As a reader, I think its only my story, and another story (I’ve forgotten what is that story) has a ftm-trans character, so, yeah, I am interested to see another character with this!

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if the point of the story is to explain the trans character’s journey, look up real stories on how trans people live their lives, their struggles etc. If it’s just a regular story using a trans person as the MC, then don’t evolve every single dust particle with being trans because they want to be normalized and not treated like another species.

I’m not trans so I’m not an expert in the topic.

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